The Manifesto

Instead of telling the story of Antigone, we thought it would be better to present the"Manifesto" of its designer. It speaks volume!

Dear working girl,

Are you tired of strolling with a purse and a case often unsightly? Do you dream of a unique bag that can accompany you around the world, with which you will feel elegant, assured, free of your movements and your ideas?

I dreamed about it too ...

After having spent two years searching in vain for an attaché case adapted to my needs as an active woman: a bag that is both light, ergonomic and practical, while being feminine and delicate, I decided to create it myself.

Thus, Antigone was born for all of us, beautiful, different, responsible, travelers, adventurers and free. Sober or colorful, rock or classic, the working bag adapts to the taste, style, and spirit of each.

Why Antigone? All a symbol. A woman who assumes her choices and goes all the way. A strong, unique and passionate woman. A do it girl ... a woman like us!

We are all Antigones.

Face the world with style.




The Products