Contre-Allée is above all a story of friendship in a counter-current exotic setting !

After having criss-crossed the Moroccan medinas, Anne & Marouane discover a material seldom used in textiles: raffia. "Raffia is a very strong textile fiber, derived from a type of palm that is found in marshy environments and along rivers. "
Seduced by its many qualities, they decide to use this soft and solid material by imagining a unique shoe, natural and comfortable! The added value of the products lies in the hand-crafted production of local Moroccan craftsmen. This know-how brings a real traceability as well as a quality and a durability of the products.
"A day of hand weaving is needed to produce a pair of raffia shoes! "
The designers, through this collaboration, wish to value this material by creating a light, original and trendy shoe. This shoe offers a shifted alternative to insiders in the shoe industry and with all modesty, comes out the ordinary!


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