Jerraflore invites you to have a break and takes care of everyone ! 

The story of Jerraflore begins in 2001, when Khadija Kabbaj, a pharmacist by training, decides to launch her brand of wellness products. Inspired by the traditional recipes of herbal teas that her mother had concocted as a child, Khadija created Jerraflore to share her heritage and her passion for Moroccan natural products with the greatest number. Since then, joined by her daughter Leila, also a pharmacist, Jerraflore is a story of family entrepreneurship whose ambition is to bring Moroccan products beyond the borders. Thirteen years later and through its wide range of wellness products, Jerraflore is a recognized brand in Morocco and internationally.

Becoming a real art of living, the "Jerra-way-of-life" is for everyone, individuals and businesses, and rhymes with quality and authenticity. In a world in perpetual motion where there is no time to relax, Jerraflore invites to have a break and takes care of everyone. Pleasant, delicious, modern and healthy, this concept is available in delicatessen, hammam and spa products, massage oils and beauty products. 
For Jerraflore your body deserves the best because it is a source of joy, pleasure and well-being. Their mission: to help everyone listen to their body. The simplest and most accessible way to do so is simply by feeling it, massaging it and giving it the time it deserves. Whether to relax, soothe, firm, or anything else, every need has its oil.

Jerraflore specializes in finding the right ingredients and the right blend for each of them.  


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