Sarah Addouh

Sarah Addouh is an architect, photographer and graphic artist. She was born and raised in Casablanca.

She combines both photography and graphic design, using collage, as a way to make her artworks speak. She composes the two to release all that the photo could not transmit as moods or emotions. All her collages are a way to expose her own photographs or to revive old family photos.

Like the Moroccan culture, abundant in juxtapositions of unexpected elements, they stage different alliances between elements of the moroccan popular culture. She turns them into real pieces of art. She is taking them out from their usual context to confront them with a vivid palette of quirky situations that are still anchored in our beloved social, historical references and images of everyday life.

She participated in various artistic projects and collaborated with several artists (visuals and posters for musicians, dancers and directors) as well as creators (collaboration with “PANUMA”).


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