Zineb El Kohen

Zineb El Kohen is a Moroccan painter who lived in Paris and New York before setting up her studio in Rabat, Morocco. She has studied and still studies realism in classical ateliers around the world after completing a research master’s in interdisciplinary humanities at NYU.

She sees painting as a lifelong practice in which the painter strengthens the connection between her imagination, emotions and the dexterity of her hand. In this traditional practice the eye learns to see while the hand learns to execute the artist’s vision, and inner existence.

Zineb is interested in representing moments and memories through localized still lives, as well as human emotions through expressive portraits, or ideas in a more abstract fashion. She defines herself outside the stylistic demands of the art world and has no problem dabbling in abstraction while working on a realistic series. Her work is an expression of her constant reflection about human connection and inner complex emotions.

Zineb will exhibit her paintings in Paris on May 25th and 26th. More info about the event here.


"Khedra, dissir" is one of her latest series of paintings, 2019


"Alone, together" series of paintings, 2013


"Les Têtes" series of paintings

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